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Womens Wedding Evening Wrap Shawl Glitter Metallic Prom Party Scarf with Fringe

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Product Description




  • Fashion Shinning Lightweight Luxurious Lace Fringed Scarfs have a Shimmer Metallic Thread Accent and an Open Knit Design.
  • Ladies can wear it long, knotted, looped, twisted, or doubled around neck shoulders and head.
  • This shawl wrap is suitable for Gatsby wedding, honeymoon, party or any other formal occasions.
  • This dressy shawls and wraps can be wrapped around shoulders for evening dresses, bridal dresses, party dresses, prom dresses, homecoming dresses and daily dresses.



Multi-purpose accessory


  • Casual look: Wrap it over your shoulders, then tie it at the front of your body;
  • Gorgeous effect: home and window decoration to make shinning;
  • Matchable: Drape over one shoulder to make any outfit beautiful;
  • Fashionable look: Drape the scarf under your shoulders;
  • Cover up use: Drape the scarf over the front of your body and shoulders.
  • Elegant look: Drape the scarf twice over the shoulders. A pin could help keeping the shawl in place;



lace shawl


metallic cardigan
  Soft Metallic Pashmina Floral Print Lace Shawl 1920s Scarf Glitter Open Front Cardigans
Size 27" * 72" 12" * 67" 21.7" * 63" 35.4" * 35.4"
Material Viscose polyester blend 100% Viscose 100% Polyester 100% Polyester
Style Metallic design Stylish and Elegant design 1920s Tasse and Metallic design